Saturday, 25 March 2017

Soundtrack Log 4

We are still waiting for a reply and full confirmation from Brancoala about featuring his soundtrack in our title sequence. After looking at his profile thoroughly we noticed that the track was able to download for free. We asked for advice from people who specify in music and know more about copyright and they're opinion was that the soundtrack should be okay to use due to his profile, description and privacy settings.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Production Log 10

In todays lesson we continued to edit, we fixed up some of the shots by using stabiliser and cut some more of the shots down, specifically the opening scene with the record player. We also added some more titles and started to colour edit some of the shots to make them brighter and more vibrant, which was one of the comments mentioned in the feedback sheets. Myself and my group hope to have finished our title sequence by Wednesday and then we will start on our evaluation, we decided as a group that we would answer some of the questions together and some individually, the group answers we will need to do before Easter half term next week.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Production Log 9

In todays lesson we had our second and last viewing of our title sequence to the class in order to receive feedback, so we can make the final changes to our sequence. Our feedback was much better this time round, unlike the previous feedback we received for our last title sequence. Our title sequence still isn't finished, we need to use motion to make our typography move differently and are still considering whether we like the black and white photos of young Tom Hanks and Rachel McAdams, we liked the idea as it would give more narrative and add character, but we are unsure whether it fits in or not.

Soundtrack Log 3

After watching the other group's title sequence, we continued to edit our title sequence and make improvements using the most updated feedback sheets. Myself, Fiona and Laine continued to contact people via Soundcloud on their cover of 'Love Me Do' by The Beatles, we sent the following message to the user:

Soundtrack Log 2

We received a reply from The Science Project after 3 days of contacting them. It was unfortunately unsuccessful for us so myself, Laine and Fiona we will continue to contact more people whilst also thinking of alternative soundtrack options.

Feedback Sheets 2

                                     These are the feedback sheets we received from today.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Production Log 8

Today we added the soundtrack to our title sequence and some foley sound with the record player, we added the scratching effect make it more intense and realistic, below is just an example of the sound we used. We were also considering adding other sounds similar but we want our soundtrack to remain loud and intense throughout the title sequence. Me and Oliver also decided to add flashing images of the stills of our mise-en-scene, for instances the old black and white photographs of Tom Hanks and Rachel McAdams, our main stars, randomly in-between shots and the titles of their names. We need to add some more and ask for feedback if other people think it works well and explains more of our narrative.